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Funnel of Love itself was originally performed by Wanda Jackson. Since then, SQÜRL has put a psychedelic and wavy spin on the ‘61 classic. Country twangs and a faster pace is traded in for the extended and drawn out sample of the original.

funnel of love
The original track by Wanda Jackson

To put this song into an image, picture being laid down and smothered in deep red velvet and slowly spun, large and lazy  – all with your eyes closed.

The song is like an ode to repetition and circles. The timbre can only be described as wavy and foggy – distorted and messy in the best possible way. Taffy being pulled apart by its two ends.  The recording is haunting and hypnotic, the music seeming to swing in circles around you, like it’s on a loop.

Funnel of Love, the remodeled version, of the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack, a music portfolio put together by the director of the film, Jim Jarmusch (who also happens to be a member of SQÜRL).

ts for funnel of love
Tilda Swinton in her role as a vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive

SQÜRL shows how easy it is to dynamically change how a song sounds – and is furthermore perceived – simply by stretching it out and distorting the original. Not only this, but the group also added elements on top of the extended sample, creating something even more diverse and different. A prime example of taking something already in existence, mixing it up, then building on top of it and making it your own. .

It is interesting how music varies per decade. How the same music, the same song varies, more directly. How a revolutionary combination of country twang and hypnotic swirls can turn into drawn out stoner melodies. When the tempo and rpm (revolutions per minute) changes, the lyrics take on a deeper meaning, the sound shifting into something seemingly darker. The newer version seeps in, slowly boiling; easily making your vision blurry and your mind hazy.

squrlIt’s so insightful to see how a song can not only change but create a feeling. Using Funnel of Love as an example, the modified song was part of a bigger picture. A soundtrack. How this sound was set the pace for the movie; it morphed and moved this track to fit the feelings of the film. How this song sounds is tied into more than just the past, more than just the music and lyric connection, but to imagery on a screen. Music is something, sounds, that connect to your moods and emotions, influences you and can even manipulate you into feeling some particular way. Scenes would be changed without the right track underneath – comedies and children’s movies changed into horror films by the switching of a few notes and melodies. 

All in all, this song is one of my favorites. It never disappoints – always putting me in the mood to wrap myself up in something luxurious and spend the way hazily wandering around in my mind and contemplating love.